Meet your Designer

Marianna Kastrinos was born in Paris to a French mother and Greek father. She spent the first years of her life completely submerged in a sensuous wonderland: Mediterranean colours and swirling, woven fabrics surrounded her at every turn in her father’s Atelier. It was that environment which kindled a love of textiles and design in her from an early age.

In 1997 Marianna studied in the Institut Paris Modelist and fell in love with “La Haute Couture”. In 2002, she was awarded first prize for originality in “le coup de coeur”, a competition for young designers by Thierry Mugler. From 2002 to 2006 she was employed in the creative design department of Design and Concept Studio, specializing in luxury women’s clothing.

Marianna’s Greek heritage remains an integral part of her life and work. Greece and Corfu in particular remain her key source of inspiration and this is where she has based her Haute Couture Atelier and Pret a Porter boutique since 2007.